Linnaeus Genius of Uppsala

Carl Linnaeus lived and worked in Uppsala for the greater part of his life. He arrived in 1728 to register at the university and here he died fifty years later, a world-famous professor.The environment in which Linnaeus produced his great works has seldom been described in reality. This informative and simply written book, however, allows eighteenth century Uppsala to emerge, and will delight enquiring minds of all ages. Small anecdotes illuminate the charm and wit of Linnaeus. We discover his sharp faculties of observation, talent for system and order, and unlimeted capacity of work. We learn, too, of the university institutions, conflicts between town and gown, and the farming activities of Uppsala’s eighteenth century inhabitants, not least professors’ households – all of which raise questions as to the similarities and differences between academic life here an at, say, Leiden och Cambrigde at the same period.

There is a wealth of material to guide those who are lucky enough to visit Uppsala and see for themselves, but also much for armchair readers wherever they may be, and for those who want to learn more
about the man and the world of his time.

Helena Harnesk worked for many years as a cultural historian at the regional museum in Uppsala and has described the town’s history in a
number of books and exhibitions. She is a popular lecturer, and often leads guided walks on eighteenth century Uppsala.